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Administrative departments:

  1. International Office & Education Exchange Center: Cooperative Project with Foreign Universities
  2. Personnel department
  3. Postgraduate Department

Teaching schools:

  1. School of Electronics and Information
  2. School of Electromechanical Engineering
  3. School of Computer Science
  4. School of Automobile and Transport Engineering
  5. School of Automation
  6. School of Optoelectronic Engineering
  7. School of Mathematics and Systems Science
  8. School of Education Science and Technology
  9. School of Finance and Economics
  10. School of Law and Intellectual Property
  11. School of Management
  12. School of Foreign Languages
  13. School of Literature and Media
  14. School of Fine Arts
  15. School of Music
  16. School of Nationalities
  17. School of International Education
  18. School of Teacher Training and Adult Education
  19. School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship



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